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new obsession!!

Somehow, in a weird way, I came across some music and found it very enjoyable to listen to.  Did a little research and you'll never guess, it was by this Korean boy band DBSK (Dong Bang Shi Ki) or TVXQ!!!  Quickly, I learn that they're the most popular boy band in Asia right now.  Guess I'm late in the coming huh?  No matter, their songs are very good, their dancing are cool, they're entertaining, and they're super HOT.  I'll admit, there are of course one or two member(s) whom I prefer, but as a group, they're fabulous (not that I need to tell anyone).  I really enjoy watching their PV, concert, and talk shows.  Funny thing was that I actually watch one of their PV years ago, I think when they were still new and I thought they were good then also.  All in all, I've just found my newest obsession!!!
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