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Writer's Block: Nothing ventured, nothing gained

What is the biggest mistake of your life so far? What did you learn from it?

Biggest mistake? Listening to my parent a lot more.  Yes, there're still time but reflecting back on my action growing up, I do wish I have listened and followed through, since for sure, I wouldn't be in the situation of regret that I am in now.  No, I don't want to follow everything they've ever told me to do; I like my independent nature.  However, there are areas that if I had only listened to them, I would be so much better off.  Isn't it always too late when you finally realize that your parent is right?  I should have done this instead, or it would have been better if I had done that.  Either way, it really is a mistake that I can only learn from in the end.  There's no changing the past, only to learn from it and change my actions for present day and hope for a better future.

One major example would be my current financial situation.  My parent have always been a sticker for saving, for not spending too much, and saving everything.  Well, thinking that I had a good enough job, I took on more responsible than I should (helping relatives with money is a bad idea when you're just started working!!!), spend too much on unnecessary, nice, but definitely unnecessary things, and now much try to balance everything.  It's a constant headaches, causing stress and anxiety every month.  ~sigh~ what to do, I wasn't born rich.... Now I am learning to control my spending, save whatever I can use, and live thifty.   Not the ideal situation for a college graduate with a decent paying job but hey, what can I do, this is the real world now.  Now, if I can only remember what else my parent told me "NOT" to do before I do it, I might actually be able to say that I've learned something.
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